Dear Cyrus,

The Shining Light Southern African launch held on 10th February 2011 was a massive and global success.

A lot of the success of the show at launch night is clearly attributed to you and your massive talent, skill and unyielding quest for excellence.

Cyrus, perfection and trust are very big issues for me because I work with a lean team and when one component is incorrect, the entire project is exposed. And the bottom line ends with me. It is for this reason that I insist of knowing every detail and plan from beginning to finish. But not with you, we have come a long way together.

I am so please we have found our unique rhythm and as such you have had my complete confidence, trust and support. Thank you

Your exceptional work, coupled with your brilliant creativity, always takes my breath away!

On behalf of the De Beers Family of companies (most of whom were represented on the night), I would like to personally say thank you for all your hard work and your support.

You are certainly a partner of choice and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again.

My best,